Mecha bot

Character Animation
Project Overview
Developed a 3D character named Mehcabot for an immersive gaming experience. Characterized and designed its appearance, movements, and animations meticulously. Utilized Cinema 4D to create detailed models and bring the character to life.
3 months
Cinema 4D, Unity
Embarking upon the endeavor of bringing Mehcabot, my visionary creation, to life as a 3D character  , I delved into a realm of technical finesse. Armed with the unparalleled tools of Cinema 4D, I crafted each facet of Mehcabot's design, considering every aspect of its characterization. The very essence of Mehcabot was distilled through aesthetic choices.  choreographing Mehcabot's movements, I endeavored to rich its every gesture, imbuing the character with a mesmerizing repertoire of animations that harmoniously blend seamlessly with the gameplay narrative.