Green lives matter

Game Concept art
Project Overview
Green lives matter is concept art for a game about Frogs on a Journey to Rescue their Friend from Evil Sharkscustom modeling and Characterizing game scenes, Environment, figures, Clothing, Weapons, and UI
5 months
Cinema 4D, Arnold
In this design project, I embarked on a journey of creating a concept art for a visionary game set in a futuristic city. chronicling the courageous exploits of a resolute group of frogs, united by an unyielding camaraderie, venturing forth on an epic odyssey to rescue their friend, abducted by a malevolent gang of sharks. As a concept artist, I honed my skills in sculpting immersive scenes, seamlessly infusing life into the very essence of this virtual universe. Characterizing  this enthralling cityscape, each figure became  bearing witness to my attention to detail. From the inspiring architecture that paints the skyline to the protagonists clothe, each element was conceived to ensnare players' imaginations.