Bu Bot

Indie game Develop & Design
Project Overview
As a player you navigate your character to collect parts and build a master robot to escape the maze. Development & designed with Unity and Cinema 4D, Combined hand crafted 2D & 3D assests, animations, and code.
5 months
Unity, Cinema 4D, After effects
"Boo Bot," is an meticulously creative craft made with Unity software. This ingeniously conceived maze game propels the user into the whimsical world of a tenacious robot on a mission to build a master robot being and escape. The conception of "Bu Bot" germinated from seemingly simple mechanics, evolving and maturing over an arduous and immersive period of approximately five months. With unwavering dedication, I honed my expertise in model design, animation, and coding, resulting in an exquisitely gameplay experience. Each artful stroke in Cinema 4D breathed life into the captivating models and animations, imbuing the game with a visual splendor that truly captivates the player's imagination.